How do you choose a Shared Hosting, or a VPS, or a Dedicated Server?

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Some times we get confused with application’s usage and traffic inflow and get suggestions from Friends and well wishers about which hosting account is best suitable for me? This is an important decision for any developer!

There are different types of web hosting available, selecting the best for your application becomes crucial.

In this article i will give you an overview of the different types of hosting plans so you can find which suites you the best. The pricing of these services varies from provider to provider and resources you want.

1. Shared Hosting :

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting service where many users share a single server and its resources. All the users have a separate directory where they can upload their files. This is generally most economical option as all the users share the overall cost of the server. The server is administered by the hosting provider and the technical tasks like managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, etc. are the responsibility of the server admin. These servers generally use control panels like cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk, Interworx, etc which allow the users to manage their websites.

At Sasta Servers shared hosting comes with different plans – Personal Hosting, Economic and Professional hosting. These hosting differs from Disk Space, Bandwidth usage and Email Account restrictions. We should always select these plans according to our requirement.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) :

Vps Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine created on a physical server. The hosting provider creates multiple VPS on a physical server and provides access to their users. VPS is as good as a dedicated server but with limited resources. VPS provides root access to the user so the user can install any software/OS and perform any root level tasks. This option is a little expensive as it is more powerful than a shared hosting account and has more privileges.

In a simple term, VPS is also a kind of Shared Hosting but VPS does not share resources with other users but it divides a server into fixed resources which can be given to users to perform any kind of computation with it.

3. Dedicated Server :

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server is a service where the user leases the entire physical server and is not shared by anyone else. Unlike VPS and Shared hosting the user has full control over the server. The user can choose the hardware, software, OS, etc. Dedicated server is useful because of the benefits like high performance, security, email stability and control. This option is the costliest as you are the only one who is bearing the cost of the entire server. Most of the providers offer Managed dedicated server where the server is managed by the provider upto some extent.

At Sasta Servers there are both Un-managed and  managed servers available which can help you boost the web application which requires dedicated attention.

Who should go for Shared hosting?

The users who just want a business website and do not need much resources can opt for shared hosting as the cost involved in shared hosting is nominal.
If you are a start up company and want an online presence shared hosting is the best for you.

Who should go for a VPS ?

The users who have sites with huge volume of visits and complex tasks being executed VPS hosting is recommended.
This is because such website requires high amount of resources and constant monitoring on the part of the server admin.
VPS becomes bit expensive but if you need more resources it is better to go for a VPS.

Who should go for a Dedicated Server ?

Dedicated server is recommended for big companies and institutions who have huge data and perform multiple tasks and calculations. Dedicated server is expensive but you have full control over the server and you can install anything you require for your site. With a dedicated server you have ample resources to handle any volume of requests for your site.

Finally its up to you which hosting is best suitable as per your requirements. Being a host provider you may go with any hosting but hosting provider must be genuine to give the best customer support.

We always keep our prices at average cost, with good performance and with good reliability. So that our customers feels good about our service.


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