6 Reasons You Should Migrate To Cloud

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Faster Deployments

The cloud has a similar effect on deployment time as it does on software upgrades. This effect is also why the cloud is so great for a company’s flexibility. Right now, you’re probably looking at years standing between you and your organization’s next deployment. Pre-cloud, this was fairly standard.

However, now that the cloud is here, your deadlines shouldn’t be much more than a couple months for an enterprise-level solution. For smaller items, the cloud could have it rolled out in just a few weeks.

Of course, the faster you get the deployment out, the quicker it can be implemented and your company or customers can benefit from it. Better still, you won’t have to invest as many IT resources in getting the finished product.

Cloud Services Are More Affordable

Once your company adopts the cloud, it can begin receiving services virtually as well. This is far more convenient than the old way of doing things. Many of the services your organization needs—or would at least love to have—can now be utilized through a subscription model. This is much more affordable than buying something straight-out.

It’s also great because it’s easier to back out if it turns out your investment isn’t paying off. The manufacturer simply cancels the subscription and you’re done.

Of course, this works both ways. If you offer software to your customers, doing so through the cloud will help attract more business. Aside from how much more convenient it is, customers will also appreciate that there’s less risk involved with the subscription service.

Scale Either Way with Ease

Scalability needs to be a central concern for today’s modern business. You never know what the next opportunity will look like. Sadly, this stops a lot of companies from making the most of their markets. They aren’t able to grab some opportunities because they’re simply not big enough to do so or otherwise lack the size it would take. Slightly larger competitors may get them and only increase their size further.

On the other hand, often, companies don’t succeed because they got too big too fast. You could also find yourself too large because of unpredictable factors with the economy. All of a sudden, the size that was once your greatest asset is now holding you back.

The cloud can make it easy for your company to grow or slim down as necessary and quickly. You’ll find a much bigger market waiting for you out there when you can meet constantly changing demands.

Enterprise Mobility

Another way the cloud can help you save money is with enterprise mobility. It means that you can now have employees work for your company from just about anywhere on the planet because they can easily connect to your internal systems.

Enterprise mobility will do more than just save you money though. It also means you can now acquire the best possible employees because it’s not necessary that they relocate. You can also pick up freelancers with ease, further improving your staff.

With the cloud, enterprise mobility will make it possible for your employees to travel to client sites or otherwise be out of the office without having to cost your company. They’re now in touch wherever they may be.

Simple Collaboration

According to a study that came out a few years back, over 70% of knowledge workers take part in collaborative efforts at least a month with staff who live in different time zones.

This can be nearly impossible to do without the cloud. Once you start leveraging enterprise mobility, this type of collaboration will happen more and more, meaning you want one central location for those documents where people can update them in real time.

If your company is new to the cloud, enterprise mobility or any other topic discussed above, you’re not alone. For more than two decades, Rocket Software has helped people just like you become familiar with these important matters and utilize them for better revenues and increased efficiency.

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