Quantum Computing Operating System Developed, Powerful PCs Coming Soon

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Quantum computing is one of the hottest topics these days and we have been covering it from time to time. This is a computation device that uses the quantum mechanical phenomenon different from the usual digital computers operating with the help of transistors.

Digital computing uses the binary digits for data encoding, whereas quantum computing uses quantum bits i.e. qubits. Know more about it here.

What is the news? – Quantum Computing OS Developed!

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQCL) has developed a new operating system designed to run the futuristic quantum computers. The new OS is named t|kit> (yeah, you read it correctly). This development has been possible with the help of CQCL’s very own proprietary custom designed super-fast super computer and this made the imitating of the working of a quantum processor.

“CQCL is at the forefront of developing an operating system that will allow users to harness the joint power of classical super computers alongside quantum computers. The development of t|ket> is a major milestone,” company said in a statement. “Quantum computing will be a reality much earlier than originally anticipated. It will have profound and far-reaching effects on a vast number of aspects of our daily lives.”


What is the future of Quantum Computing and how does this OS affect it?

Cambridge Quantum Computing expects that now quantum computing will be a reality much earlier than expected. These days, the research in the quantum computing field is being done at a fast pace.

It should be noted that few days ago, IBM has made further progress with its simultaneous error detection to make a working quantum computer a reality in near future. CQC has said these developments could affect our lives in a larger way when quantum computing will be a reality.




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