How to configure outlook 2013

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I have purchased hosting from sasta servers and I would like to create email client with outlook express, here are the steps how to configure outlook client as your email client with given sasta servers details.

1) Login to your cPanel with given details by sasta servers. you can login with yourdmainname.tdl/cpanel

example :


Please enter your username and password of your cPanel which is provided to you by sasta servers.


2) Once you login to cPanel you have to select email accounts.


3) Now open Email Accounts, You will get following screen.


4) Now you can create your email id in the above image.

Email : Enter your email id to be created.

Password : Enter Password for email.

Mailbox Quota : specify amount of space or memory for email box.

Create Account : Creates email account.

5) Now login to Webmail to access your email.

you can login to webmail www.yourdomainname.tdl/webmail

example :


Enter your email id and password which is created in step 4

6) Following screen will appear

6Above 3 red circles are marked which are email default clients provided by sasta servers, We can access our emails from same.

7) Now configuring with outlook express.

click on configure mail client.5
8) Now write down this information which is marked Red in following image.

Which we will be using in next steps.4

9) Now open your Outlook Express

110 ) Once you open outlook express, following screen will be viewed

211 ) Click on FILE which is highlighting in Blue color at above image.

you will get following image.

click on Add Account

312 ) Once you done with step 11, you will get following screen

Now select Manual setup as shown in image below.

413 ) The following options will be displayed on your computer once you select Manual Setup

Select POP or IMAP as shown in below image.

514 ) Now final step is that please get all the notes we have written in step 8, Those we will be using here.


15 ) Fill all information we have gathered in step 8,  and click on More Settings…

16) You will get Below dialogue box, go to Advance tab and Fill details for same.

dialogue box

17) Insert all the details of the port like – 995 for incoming server (if POP3) , 465 for outgoing server. and select SSL in encrypted connection.

18) Now go to Outgoing server tab in same dialogue box and select option – Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Dialogue box

19 ) Select OK option and Say next option.


your outlook client will start access emails from webmail of sastaservers.


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